12/8/12: It’s Cold Outside

8 Dec

It’s not as cold as it could be, but it’s cold out there. I’m glad that it’s good enough for shorts, still, though. In fact, cooling down I found it necessary to take the long sleeves off. I could get used to this kind of December.

Mileage:  1.1 mi. (baby steps, people)

Sit-ups:  50

Push-ups:  10

12/6/12 – No running? Forget that.

6 Dec

I promise, I’ll let you know if my spleen starts swelling.

That’s right. I’m going to start running again. It’s been too long. Too much crazy happens in my life to not go on runs to clear my head. Mono can take a hike. If I start to feel run down worse than I do while not running, I’ll let you know. Promise.

Hopefully that means this blog is back in business. Hopefully that means I stick with it.

Hopefully. I’ll need your help to keep pushing me to that May 4th finish line.

Mileage:  1.0 mi.

Push-ups:  10

Sit-ups:  50

(Yes, those numbers are pathetic again. That’s because I’m pathetic again).

Here we go.

Explaining Some Absence

24 Nov

Hey all, sorry I haven’t been around. I haven’t been running as much as I’d like (re: at all), and it has a lot to do with getting mono.

For those who don’t know, mono has a habit of enlarging the spleen of those it infects, which means I’ve been barred from “strenuous physical activity” through at least the end of the year.

Yeah, I know.

I’m going to call the health center to see if I can get cleared early, or “as long as you take it easy.” I’ve been having pains in my legs from not doing anything for so long.

And, as always, when I start back up, this is where I’ll be posting it.

Thanks for sticking around.

10/5/12: Cool Runnings

6 Oct

Er, not the Jamaican boblsed team. Just that it was a 34-degree run in the rain. Brrrrrrrrrrr.

Mileage: 1.2 mi.

Sit-ups:  50

Push-ups:  10

10/4/12: Mid-Day

4 Oct

Hey, when I realized I had a test in Calc II tomorrow, a quiz in discrete math, and the homecoming interview tonight, I decided to run early. Knowing all of that’s still ahead of me, then, you’ll forgive me if I go ahead and just post the numbers and get back to talking about stuff sometime soon, right?

Mileage:  1.2 mi.

Push-ups:  10

(Ow! Pathetic that I’ve hit the point that 10 push-ups two days in a row is something that hurts).

Sit-ups:  50

10/3/12: Yikes.

3 Oct

Been a while, eh? Sorry about that.

Let’s get down to it, and I can talk about the last month or so provided I actually get down and hit the pavement like I’m supposed to be.

Mileage:  1.0 mi. (measly, but I need to get back into it, and this is how I started back then)

Push-ups:  10

Sit-ups:  50
Ugh. It feels awful to see that back-slide. More motivation to get my butt in motion.

8/12/12: S2D15 – Back to School Edition!

12 Aug

Back at school, and I’m doing just fine. Everything’s unpacked. I got a mere two hour break today, so I ran and worked out and now I’m posting, but I’ve gotta get back on the run again (er, no pun intended) to the next event. Short post, but that’s okay. It’s great to be back where I know a bunch of different routes with different miles.

Mileage:  2.o mi.

Sit-ups:  50

Push-ups:  10

When classes, start, I should be able to get back into working out, too, but the opening stuff (and night staff tonight, too, probably) has been keeping me a bit busy lately.

More tomorrow!


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